After A Day Of Travel Hotel Guest Hops Into Bed, Finds Note Stuffed Between Sheets

For the everyday person staying at a hotel is a luxury experience. There is just something about crawling into a bed that isn’t yours and was professional made up for you. Staying in a hotel should be a de-stressing, relaxing experience that allows people to get away from the mundane parts of life.

For one hotel guest when he decided to turn in for the night, he found a disturbing note tucked underneath his sheets. Find out what the message said below…

He pulled back the sheets and jumped into what looked liked a clean, freshly made up bed, heard a crinkling sound. It was a piece of paper that he had just sat on top of.

So he got his glasses so he could see, the paper was a not fir a stranger. What it said not only left the traveler confused, but deeply disturbed and disgusted…

The last person to stay in the room issued the following warning on the note:

“If you’re reading this, then housekeeping did not change your sheets!”

Apparently, the last visitor of The Courtyard Marriot wanted to test the cleanliness of the hotel and left the note for the next guest. The hotel did not clean the bed and just left the same sheets on there that the previous guest. And this note was proof that the housekeeping team at the hotel did not change the sheets.

Every time you stay at a hotel, you face hidden health risks, RN Central reports.

You need to be aware of:

Ice Buckets: As guests frequently use these buckets as vomit containers, they’re not clean for next-day use. The housekeeping staff simply rinse them out and put them back in your room.

Bed Bugs: This often publicized epidemic is actually worse than the news media outlets let on.

Hot Tubs: While you probably want to jump into these warm, relaxation centers, they’re usually disgusting. They’re ripe breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses, and fungi. While hotels clean the water, they don’t clean the pipes. That’s where these problems can grow.

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